Bulbs Glorious Bulbs


Autumn is in the air and in the garden!
It’s time to get planting those spring bulbs...

We have a great range of bulbs available online, perfect for Autumn planting, give your garden a beautiful display of colour in spring!

All bulbs are £4.99 per bag

Varieties available:

For beds and borders, Alliums grow to a height of 80cm and flower from May to June.
Varieties in stock: Purple Sensation, Sphaercephalon





Chionodoxa lucilae: 
For naturalising.
These grow to 15cm and flower between
March and April.





Narcissi (Daffodils): 
Height differs between varieties, the flowering period is broadly between February to early May, making them star performers!
Varieties in stock: February Gold, Fortune, Jet Fire, Ice Follies, King Alfred, Miniature Narcissus Canaliculatus And Silver Chimes, Minnow, Mixed, Pheasant Eye, Tete-A-Tete, Yellow Cheerfulness.



For beds, borders and containers. They should grow to 15cm (being grown inside can affect this) and flower between March to April, although they can be forced to flower as early as Christmas.
Varieties in stock: Mixed Colours




Muscari armeniacum
(Grape Hyacinth):

For beds, borders and containers.
Muscari grow to a height of 15cm and flower in April.



For naturalising, beds, rockeries and pots. These Anemones grow to a height of 12cm and flower in March.
Varieties in stock: Blanda Mixed



Crocuses grow up to 8cm – 10cm depending upon the variety, and flower in March.
 Varieties in stock: Large Flowered Purple, Large Flowered Mixed, Species Mixed



Fritillaria melegris
(Snakeshead lily)

For naturalising in grass. 
Snakeshead lilies reach a height of 25cm and flower in April.
They should be planted in damp soil. 




Varieties in stock:  Apeldoorn, Golden Appledorn, D/E Peach Blossom, D/L Carnival De Nice, Garden Mixed, Gavota, Lily Flowered Ballerina, Lily Flowered Claudia, Passionale, Queen Of The Night, Rockery Huiseppi Verdi, Rockery Johann Strauss, Rockery Pinocchio, Rockery Red Riding Hood,White Dream



Scilla siberica:  
For naturalising, beds and containers.
Scilla grow to a height of 10cm and flower between March and April.