Journal of a Gardener 15/06/17


We have a very special visitor to our gardens this week, Sue Rees Evans, of Shropshire Dragonflies, who has very kindly spent her morning identifying the species of common Dragonfly and Damselfly which have made our pond their home.
For those unfamiliar, Dragonflies have narrower front wings (or forewings) than back wings (hindwings), are generally larger than Damselflies and more powerful. When they land they leave their wings outstretched. Damselflies have equal sized forewings and hindwings, are generally smaller and less powerful in flight than Dragonflies. When they land they fold their wings.
Park yourself on the picnic benches by our pond, and you might be lucky enough to see the following’:
Broad Bodied Chaser
Four Spotted Chaser
Common Blue
Blue Tailed
Red Eyed
Banded Demoiselle
Detailed photographs and information on each species are available on the Shropshire Dragon Fly Society website:

Retirement Fayre Success…

All the fun of the Fayre...

The Retirement Fayre was a great success a big thank you to everyone involved, visitors, store holders and staff.

Roll on the next one.


Come and visit our Fayre…

Retirement Fayre

On Sunday 11th June between 10am and 3pm Country Garden Roses will be holding a ‘Retirement Fayre’.

This fayre is designed to support local businesses, clubs and charities, and to encourage people to find hobbies, classes and volunteer roles which keep them active, create new social networks and pass on their knowledge and skills. Whilst aimed at those of us who have retired (why should university students have all the fun of the fayre!) absolutely all ages will  warmly welcomed.

Stallholders include, but are not limited to:
Curiosity Craft Centre
Gardener’s Delight and Wisteria Tours
Neil’s Yard Home Remedies
Newton Meadow Cottages and Garden Room Workshops
Sandy Densem Art Studios
Severn Cycle
Severn Hospice
Shropshire Cottage Garden Society  
The Railway Inn Community Venture
Wax N’ Glass
Entry is free. The garden centre and tearoom will be open as usual.
Come and wander in our landscaped gardens, enjoy the roses at their peak, sign up to something new and exciting, then recover with a coffee and cake.